Hack the sharing economy to close the wealth gap

Please join Uptima Business Bootcamp on July 11-12 to design a sharing economy that can close the wealth gap.

This challenge is open to anyone, including business leaders, community organizers, designers, technologists and students, interested in developing a more inclusive and equitable sharing economy. Come learn more the sharing economy, meet sharing economy leaders and investors, network with others interested in the sharing economy and design solutions.  Bring your ideas for using technology and/or business models to create sharing economy solutions to close the wealth gap.  For more information, please visit: http://www.sharechallenge.com.

Why the Sharing Economy?  

Numerous studies have shown that the current economic system has created a tremendous wealth gap. In order to create a more sustainable economic system, we need to better align value generated with value received. The sharing economy is a movement toward better aligning value. Within this movement, there continues to be much discussion about the access and equality of sharing economy platforms and business models.  

Our Challenge

During the course of the weekend, we encourage participants to think about how the sharing economy can be truly transformative in the way we align value. We challenge participants to conceptualize, test and rapid prototype sharing economy platforms, online or offline, that align value in a way that significantly addresses the wealth gap.
Our two-day challenge includes:

  • Innovation talks from leaders in the sharing economy
  • Collaborative problems solving and team presentations
  • Prizes and other giveaways
  • Food from local vendors

Our Schedule  

Friday, July 11:
6:30pm - Doors Open & Registration
7:00pm - Dinner & Networking
7:30pm - Welcome & Speakers
8:00pm - Pitches Start (Bring Your Ideas)
8:30pm - Teams Form & Begin Working on Solutions
11:00pm - Doors Close  

Saturday, July 12:
8:00am - Doors Open & Breakfast
10:00am - Call for Help (Mentors Available)
12:00pm - Lunch
2:00pm - Final Pitch Preparation
4:00pm - Team Presentations
5:30pm - Dinner & Judging
6:00pm - Awards, Networking & Wrap-up
7:00pm - Doors Close

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Bring your ideas for using technology and/or business models to create sharing economy solutions to close the wealth gap.  Form teams to hack on ideas over the weekend. 


Anyone can bring an idea.




Judging Criteria

  • Social Justice
    Solution that closes the wealth gap
  • Accessibility
    Solution that is accessible to diverse populations
  • Ownership
    Solution that enables ownership in the economy / creates an inclusive economy